ARTS™ Software Update is Released

Provenance Consulting is pleased to announce that the newest version of the Asset and Records Traceability System (ARTS™) software is available to our clients!  The latest version of Provenance’s premier application for data aggregation and identification of data discrepancies/deficiencies features enhancements focused primarily on reporting.  These additions include:

• New Discrepancy Summary reports that display the number of discrepancies by equipment type and data source, and can show trends in discrepancy counts over time so that you can monitor improvements in your data consistency and completeness

• Configure and save reports so that they may be generated in a consistent and efficient manner

• Quick Search – search for desired text in the equipment identifier, description or asset number (SAP Number/Maximo Number) fields

• Enhanced recommendation assignment and tracking for record-level discrepancies – automatically detects changes as data sources are reimported, and automatically updates recommendations as changes occur

These changes, along with the core functionality already provided by ARTS, will help increase the value that ARTS provides by enhancing the manner in msphackzone which the system reports data discrepancies and related recommendations for discrepancy resolution.

Contact Provenance Consulting to discuss the new functionality provided in this latest release; or, click here to learn more about how ARTS can benefit your facility.