Introduction to Pressure Relief Systems Webinar

Please join Provenance on Wednesday, 8 January 2014 at 1:00pm CST, for a free live webinar where you’ll receive an introduction (or a refresher!) to the fundamentals of pressure relieving systems including causes of overpressure, determination of relief loads, methods of pressure relief, and how these concepts are tied together by applicable industry codes, standards, and practices.

Pressure relieving systems are an integral part of any process facility, from offshore production platforms to petrochemical complexes, and usually provide the last line of defense against overpressure and loss of containment. Although ubiquitous, pressure relieving systems are not necessarily well understood by all chemical process engineers. Provenance Consulting engineer, Justin Phillips, will touch on the essential principles of relief systems in this one hour webinar.

To register for the AICHE hosted event, simply follow the link: