October 2018 Newsletter [ProvPSM Perspectives]

October has been a busy and exciting month here at Provenance Consulting. We’ve welcomed a new VP of Business Development, hosted our annual ASME tailgate at UT Austin, encouraged employees as they’ve spoken to students and industry professionals, and started planning for the upcoming holiday season. Read more about these items in this month’s ProvPSM Perspectives.


Company News:

  • Upcoming Holiday Information (pg 1)
  • Provenance Welcomes new Vice President (pg 1)
  • “Growth Strategy & Sales Vision” from Patrick Nonhof (pg 2)
  • Meet Terrell Sosebee (pg 3)

Community Engagement:

  • Justin Phillips lectures ChemEs on Relief Systems (pg 3)
  • Texas ASME Student Tailgate (pg 4)

ProvPSM Personal Pursuits: (pg 5)

  • ProvPSM Proud Recognizing:
    • Dalton Dillard
    • Karina Romero
    • Heather Wood
  • Workiversaries
  • “Making It Stick: How We Learn & Remember” by Sarah McDuffee (pg 6)