September 2018 Newsletter [ProvPSM Perspectives]

September has come and gone, and it is officially fall. Kids are back in school. Clients are chugging along. And ProvPSM is busier than ever. The fall is our recruiting season and the UT Engineering Expo offered an optimistic outlook for our next group of college Co-Ops.

The ProvPSM team took home 1st Place for Ribs at the fourth annual United Way Heat Up Hutchinson cook-off, beating out 26 other teams. Thank you, Kaci Walden, for organizing our team!
Additionally, James Topp published his first article offering some seasoned advice for young engineers – it’s a great read to share with any young engineers you know.
Next month we are looking forward to Sarah McDuffee‘s newest webinar on beating the “Training Brain Drain” – go online and register, and share it with others that might find it interesting.


Company News:

  • Recruiting Expo a Success (pg 1)
  • What to Know to Succeed at Your First ChemE Job” by James Topp (pg 4)

Industry Leadership:

  • Upcoming AIChE LIVE Webinar (pg 2)

Community Engagement:

  • Heat Up Hutchinson Kick Off Cook Off (Borger) (pg 2)

ProvPSM Personal Pursuits: (pg 3)

  • ProvPSM Proud Recognizing:
    • Jesse Verdier
    • Ene Okinedo
    • Justin Phillips
  • Workiversaries