When the Only Things Consistent About Your PHAs Are Inconsistencies

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Inconsistent Process Hazard Analyses cost money, reduce operability, and can have a negative impact on safety culture. Join Patrick Fisher, a Chemical Engineer at Provenance Consulting, in an informative webinar that will allow you to understand the causes and the consequences of inconsistencies in Process Hazard Analyses and in Layers of Protection Analyses.

This free, live webinar hosted by AIChE Academy, will take place on Wednesday, January 27th from 1:00-2:00pm CST.  In this one hour webinar, we will examine the importance of consistencies in PHAs. You will learn how maintaining consistency in PHAs can help simplify management of equipment in your facilities. Risk Ranking guidelines, release quantity tables, and equipment databases will be demonstrated to show that PHAs can be consistent across your organization and facilities.