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CERTS Training System

Certification and Employee Refresher Training System


Provenance’s CERTS application provides a mechanism to track and document activity, satisfying the OSHA PSM Operator Refresher training requirement. This allows the employee to “take credit” for routine, everyday activities, which result in a review of standard operating procedures. These types of activities include: review and sign-off on Management of Change (MOC) related to a procedure, update and rewrite procedures, train exercise (scenario drill) participation, and self-study and procedure review.

By tracking and documenting the employee’s participation in these types of activities, CERTS can demonstrate that actions were taken to comply with the OSHA requirement.


Benefits & Functionality

  • Track re-certification progress based on training against operating procedures required by each job certification.
  • Multiple certifications may be tracked for a single operator.
  • Scenario Drills are defined based on the operating procedures covered during the drill.
  • As drills are scheduled, completed and approved, participants receive credit towards re-certification progress.
  • Generate a “Walk-Through” test used by training personnel to confirm competency at the end of the recertification period.
  • Email notifications for event-based and time-based events, such as pending certification expirations, required approvals, etc.
  • Permit feedback from operations personnel that can be used to refine operating procedures and training periods, to ensure that procedures are “true to the field” and training is provided on a sufficient frequency.
  • Print certification documentation for inclusion in employee file, including recertification date and training opportunities completed during recertification period.