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Five PSM Mindsets™

The Five PSM Mindsets™

A Provenance Consulting Approach

Provenance Consulting has distilled OSHA’s 14 elements into the Five PSM Mindsets™ to help each employee improve, contribute and recognize how they can participate and bring PSM into their everyday work.

Could you list all 14 elements of the OSHA CFR 1910.119 on Process Safety Management? Can you describe how your work connects to all 14 elements?

All of the elements are necessary for long-term safety and prevention of a catastrophic failure even for a small quantity of chemical, and the real focus for us here at Provenance is that it’s not about a regulation.

The PSM standard was an effort of collaboration between the government and industry in the late eighties and early nineties to find ways to keep petrochemical facilities and the people who are working in and around those facilities safe.

The Purpose

In keeping with the spirit of the purpose of PSM, we’ve distilled the 14 elements into Five PSM Mindsets™, and those five mindsets are to (1) identify the hazard, to (2) communicate the hazard, (3) protect against the hazards, (4) reevaluate the hazards, and provide (5) transparency about the hazards.

The Five PSM Mindsets™ serve three main purposes:

  • to provide a memory tool for recalling all 14 elements and they’re actually in order.
  • to help emphasize the intent behind the PSM elements.
  • to simplify the approach to PSM for everyone in your facility.


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Overview of The Five PSM Mindsets™

Process Safety Management at a facility involves a complex array of processes and procedures, but the intent behind the OSHA PSM regulation is surprisingly simple and direct.

Identification of hazards is the first major step. If the hazards aren’t known, they can’t be addressed. These first 3 PSM elements create a foundation for all of the other elements.

OSHA PSM Elements Included:

  • Employee Participation
  • Process Safety Information (PSI)
  • Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)

Once the hazards are identified, it’s important to communicate them in an intentional way with all potentially affected personnel.

OSHA PSM Elements Included:

  • Operating Procedures
  • Training
  • Contractors

After hazards are identified and communicated, protection measures and procedures can be implemented to protect people & assets from harm.

OSHA PSM Elements Included:

  • Pre-Startup Safety Review
  • Mechanical Integrity
  • Hot Work Permit

Re-evaluation of the hazards should occur routinely to incorporate new information from improvements, changes, or incidents.

OSHA PSM Elements Included:

  • Management of Change (MOC)
  • Incident Investigation
  • Emergency Planning & Response

Transparency about the hazards is about being open and honest internally and externally regarding hazards and concerns.

OSHA PSM Elements Included:

  • Compliance Audits
  • Trade Secrets

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