Overpressure Protection and the Relation to Regulations, Codes, and Standards

Most professionals in the industry understand the fundamental importance of overpressure protection and the basics of pressure relief valves. However, many cannot dedicate the time to understand the history or intricacies of overpressure protection implementation. For instance, what can we consider to be a “relief device” and where do we look to be certain?

Join Justin Phillips — a relief systems engineer from Provenance Consulting — to gain a better understanding of pressure relieving systems. This free live webinar takes place on Wednesday, April 22 2015, from 1:00 – 2:00pm CST.

In this webinar, the audience will be given a roadmap that links regulatory requirements to codes of construction onto industry practices and standards. By linking these things together, the audience will be better able to understand the philosophy of regulations and will be able to reference the appropriate regulations and code requirements readily.

If you are an engineer or technical professional working with pressurized vessels, boilers, this is your opportunity to better understand the Whys and Hows of overpressure protection.

To register for the AICHE hosted event, follow the link here.